Welcome to The New Boatswain Locker

This site is intended to be a safe anchorage for any and all currently serving or former Royal Canadian Navy / Canadian Armed Forces Boatswains (MOC 181 / MOSID 00105).

How about some news about what is happening in the Boatswain community and/or the general naval community??? Send updates to webmaster@bosn.ca and I will get it posted!!!

Keep the Honours & Awards / Promotions / Postings / Retirements information flowing! – See the listings in the Deck Office. Please send information to webmaster@bosn.ca.  Help us all celebrate the successes of the current Boatswains as they keep the occupation going and in good hands.

The main reason for developing the site is to keep the greater Boatswain community informed about goings-on related to the occupation and the people. Initially, the main thrust was to establish a contact list so we can keep track of people old and new. While this is still my individual goal, it will be some time before I get any system going in that respect. There are a lot of hoops to jump through in order to maintain the privacy of information and lots of legal aspects to consider.

I believe that we are improving as an occupation in keeping track of current and former members, but we still have a long way to go, and this site could be a step in the right direction.

Please get the word out to all Boatswains, past and present, about the presence of the site and the request for people to submit information of interest to the greater Boatswain community.

Let’s celebrate our successes and let everyone know about personnel movements and goings-on within the occupation!